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4. The Art and The Craft

Art and Craft of Writing, Reading and everything in between


More Like Painting Than Writing

My typewriter nostalgia syndrome, or TNS, can be traced back almost thirteen years ago to my small Kosovo apartment. I was in the process of writing my second unpublished “novel.” Kosovo was still recovering from symptoms of post-war anarchy. At that age I wouldn’t have cared much for politics if it weren’t for the constant electricity cuts that shut off my Pentium III desktop and left me in the dark. The unexpected nature of the blackouts would not only have me losing the hard work (albeit of questionable quality) I had just written, but it would prevent me from writing for the next two to four hours. This is how I started using my father’s bright orange UNIS tbm De Luxe typewriter to type out my first draft under candlelight during those dark winter nights.


How Blogging Saved My Life, and Other Stories of Literary Bravery

or, What I really Blog About, When I Blog About Blogging
In this way, blogging became a tool through which I try to understand the World around me and make sense of the unknown. There are so many things that I still do not fully understand, such as human emotions, fluctuations of the stock market, whether love is eternal or ephemeral, quantum physics, what truth is, and how things fall in place and work in unison. That is why I write about things I don’t fully understand, and during this process I end up discovering things and come to realizations previously unknown to me.


Top 5 Comic Books

Now that you are succeeding in keeping all those New Year’s resolutions, and you stopped smoking, started going to the gym, are eating healthy foods, became more disciplined, and are constantly striving for perfection in your work and studies, now you deserve to reward yourself. As a solution, we propose a nice compromise that will both entertain and enlighten you at the same time. We are referring, of course, to comic books, and these are some of our favorites…


Creativity: Tools 2

It all comes down to the best creativity instrument ever designed. It took around 3.8 billion years of evolutions, until nature came up with the current version of your brain. It has the ability for what scientists call neuroplasticity, which means, re-routing and rewiring neural networks on demand.


Creativity: Tools 1

As a Civilization we managed to arrive where we are thanks to our ability to use tools. Ever since we figured out that we can use rocks and sticks as extensions of our body, we have perfected them to better serve our purposes.