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Carpaccio-Knight (1)

Scattered Blood: The Wandering Knight

The fourth and final episode of “Scattered Blood”, in which our story of princesses, alleged ghosts, priests, and knights comes full-circle, as it truly begins with the Knight of violets’ journey.

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Scattered Blood: The Landing

Episode 2 of “Scattered Blood”, in which the identity of the Princess is revealed, longing for home is exacerbated, and a serious storm is conquered before the landing.

lorenzo-di-credi-young-woman (1)

Scattered Blood: The Ghost of Calabria

Episode 1 of “Scattered Blood”, a story of loneliness and love, war and political intrigue, homesickness and belonging, and quite possibly a ghost caught in the middle of it all.


The Three Deaths of Fernando Ricardi

Maybe I’m not the right person to talk about Fernando Ricardi, since I was the one who ultimately caused his death. Yes, yes, I know, you don’t generally hear stories of compassion from a hitman. We’re not known for our affectionate talks about our victims. But, what can I say; the late Fernando was an impressionable little mo-fo.