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Friends, Artists, Scientists, Lend me Your Ears

Shakespearean imitation of Mark Anthony’s speech from Julius Caesar, written in support of #KosovoinUNESCO campaign| Friends, writers, scientists, lend me your ears; | I come to ask your support for Kosovo, | …

k2.0 play

K2.0 gets Fit with its Latest Issue on Sports

Latest issue of Kosovo 2.0 print magazine deals with sports, and more importantly the difficulties Kosovar athletes face when competing abroad. Also, check out my satirical piece “A Guide to Staying Fit in Kosovo.”


Founding of

For the occasion of the 100 years of Albania’s Declaration of Independence from the Ottoman Empire, I decided to start a viral …


The AfterShocks of Cannibalistic Love

I am excited that for the first time a piece that I wrote, is being performed in a live theater in front of an American audience. I originally wrote “Cannibalistic Love” in Albanian, and especially translated and adapted it into English for my good friend Arbër Mehmeti to perform it.