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Artrit Bytyci


Friends, Artists, Scientists, Lend me Your Ears

Shakespearean imitation of Mark Anthony’s speech from Julius Caesar, written in support of #KosovoinUNESCO campaign| Friends, writers, scientists, lend me your ears; | I come to ask your support for Kosovo, | …


A Kosovar Review of Terminator: Genisys

Movie Review. Terminator: Genisys is a time travel movie in form, function and content. Going back in time is integral to its plot as it’s impossible to watch and not feel the nostalgia for its predecessors (and as such, it will be most enjoyed by those who have seen all of the sequels). This movie is in a sense a time machine for your mind. This puts Terminator: Genisys at an unfair disadvantage. It has to compete for attention like a last-born child faced with the glory and greatness of its elder siblings.

Readings: “Translating Myself”

“Translating Myself” by Artrit Bytyçi | with an introduction by Demetri Raftopoulos | a cameo appearance by Zack Reeves | New York City, March 20, 2015

k2.0 play

K2.0 gets Fit with its Latest Issue on Sports

Latest issue of Kosovo 2.0 print magazine deals with sports, and more importantly the difficulties Kosovar athletes face when competing abroad. Also, check out my satirical piece “A Guide to Staying Fit in Kosovo.”

Readings: “Exquisite Corpse”

Exquisite Corpse | Writing and Reading Experiment | a fragment by Artrit Bytyçi | The New School Reading Series | New York City, December 12, 2014



In 1948, my maternal grandmother, who lived in Shkodra, Albania, married my grandfather in Tivari, Montenegro (then part of Yugoslavia). Two weeks later, relations between Albania and Yugoslavia deteriorated and their borders closed so tight that no human soul was able to cross to the other side. It was 50 years before she saw her family again.

Readings: “Rocks”

“Rocks” by Artrit Bytyçi | Animal Farm Reading Series | Brooklyn, New York | October 21, 2014



It was my first day of school. And it was appropriate that this occasion be consecrated by splashing water after my steps, as custom required. This ritual would recur many times over the course of my life, marking occasions like the start of a new school year, or a new job, or travels and trips.

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Marshmallow Tests and Corrupt Politicians

In short, the marshmallow test proved that among the most important factors for success is the ability to delay gratification and be self disciplined to do so.
A case could be made that corruption, bribes and embezzlement have their primordial origins in people’s inability to project too far ahead into the future …